This section presents various publications on cultural heritage in Nigeria and Africa, some of which were written by ICOMOS-Nigeria members.


Title Year Author(s)
Sacred Economics: Money, Gift and Society in the Age of Transition n.d Eisenstein
The Cave of Altamira: 22,000 Years of History  n.d Lasheras
The four pillars of Rock Art Conservation and Practice: Success Stories in Australia n.d Little
Makasva:  Archaeological heritage, rainmaking and healing in Southern Africa with special reference to Eastern Zimbabwe  n.d Pwiti et al
‘Ice Age’ art along the Nile n.d Huyge and Claes
Rock Art at Risk  n.d
Crafting a Statement About the Power of Rock Art n.d Little
Cultivating Landscape Spirits to Create an Identity n.d Ramsay
Carved Footprints and Prehistoric Beliefs: Examples of OF Symbol and Myth Practice and Ideology  n.d Bertilsson
Back to the future: restitution, stolen artifacts and guarding against a willing amnesia n.d Moiloa
Defining the role of the rock art conservator n.d Wong and Little
Tentative List Process  n.d extract
The Value of Conservation in the Twenty-First Century: The Nigerian Story n.d Okpalanozie
Rock Art, Scripts and proto-scripts in Africa: the Libyco-Berber Example n.d Le Quellec
The cultural landscape of the Shashe-Limpopo confluence zone:  threats and challenges of preserving a World Heritage setting  n.d Pikirayi
The power of culture for development  n.d UNESCO
Tracing the Origins of the Ancient Egyptian Cattle Cult n.d
Algerie-Tunisie n.d ICOMOS/Dupuy
Tchad n.d ICOMOS/Simonis et al
Libye – Égypte – Nord du Soudan n.d ICOMOS/Gauthier
Mali: Les gravures rupestres de l’Adrar des Iforas n.d ICOMOS/Dupuy
Maroc / Sahara atlantique marocain – Mauritanie n.d ICOMOS/Salih
Mauritania – Western Sahara n.d ICOMOS/Soler Subils
Libye: Plateau du Messak n.d ICOMOS/Van Abalda
Studies and documents on the cultural heritage

Rock Art in the Sahara: Conservation Methodology and Management 

Afro-Brazilian architecture in Lagos State : a case for conservation 1994 Alonge, M Moji D
Handbook of Standards: Documenting African Collections 1996 ICOM
The UNESCO Courier: Rock Painting and Engraving  1998 UNESCO
Guidelines for Guiding Visitors to Rock Art Sites  2001 ARARA
ARARA Guidelines for Managers of Rock Art Sites on Public Lands: Public Access 2001 ARARA
The Dating of Rock Art: a Critique 2002 Bednarik
Crossroads: Addressing Climate change together  2002 US Mission in Nigeria
The prehistoric rock art of Morocco: a study of its extension, environment and meaning 2002 Seabright
Periodic reporting exercise on the World Heritage Convention : African region 2003 UNESCO
The Geoarchaeology of Western Sahara: Preliminary results of the first Anglo-Italian Expedition in the liberated zone 2003 Brooks et al
Aridity, Change and Conflict in Africa 2003 Pöllath
Running a museum: a practical handbook  2004 ICOM
Bauchi State of Nigeria: Inventory of Immovable Cultural Heritage  2004 Odiaua and Delboy
Traditional conservation practices in Africa 2005 Joffroy
Considerations on the Art and Aesthetics of Rock Art 2005 Morales
Cultural Heritage and Conflict: The Threatened Archaeology of Western Sahara 2005 Brooks
Four Millennia of Cultural History in Nigeria (ca. 2000 B.C.–A.D. 1900): Archaeological Perspectives 2006 Ogundiran
Built to meet needs : cultural issues in vernacular architecture 2006 Oliver
Building monuments, creating identity: Cattle cult as a social response to rapid environmental changes in the Holocene Sahara 2006 Di Lernia
World Heritage places rated  2006 National Geographic/Tourtellot
Archaeology in conflict: cultural heritage, site management and sustainable development in conflict and post-conflict states in the Middle East 2006 Rico
BaTwa in the mist 2006 Barham
The Art of Africa: a resource for educators 2006 Clarke
Prehistoric Swimmers in the Sahara 2006 De Flers et al
Rock Art at Risk 2006/2007
Recording, Documentation, and Information Management for the Conservation of Heritage Places: Guiding Principles 2007 Letellier
Cultural heritage and the law : protecting immovable heritage in English-speaking countries of sub-Saharan Africa 2008 Ndoro et al (eds)
Sacred Sites: an overview 2008 Thurley and Gunn
Business Planning for natural World Heritage sites: a tool kit  2008 UNESCO
Deliberative Public Engagement: nine principles  2008 NCC
World Heritage Information Kit  2008 UNESCO
Characterisation and Consolidation of Historical Lime Mortars in Cultural Heritage Buildings and Associated Structures in East Africa 2009 Ngoma
World Heritage Sites in Conflict and Post Conflict Regions of Africa 2009 AWHF
Guidelines for Writing a Scope of Collections Statement 2009 California State Parks
Rock Art Site Management Plan: Kaoxa’s Shelter – Machete 2009 SANParks
ICCROM Newsletter 35: special Edition  2009 ICCROM
Rock Art Sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List  2009 UNESCO-ICOMOS
Unsettled times: shaded polychrome paintings and hunter-gatherer history in the southeastern mountains of southern Africa 2009 Mazel
Africa: Early History to 1000 C.E. 2009 Craig et al
Impact assessment and heritage management in Africa: An Overview 2010 Sinamai et al
Traditional Custodianship of Rock Art Sites in Central Mozambique: a case study from Manica District 2010 Jopela
International Newsletter on Rock Art  2010 Min. de la Culture
Towards a condition monitoring of rock art sites: the case of BNE 1 in Free State Province, South Africa 2010 Jopela
Best Practices for Completing the Comparative Analysis for a Cultural Landscape such as the proposed Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Nomination 2010 Didora
The ‘Cave of Beasts’ (Gilf Kebir, SW Egypt) and its Chronological and Cultural Affiliation: Approaches and Preliminary Results of the Wadi Sura Project 2010 Forster et al
Stone Conservation: an overview of current research 2010 Doehne and Price
Report on the Second Periodic Reporting in Africa 2011 UNESCO
Directory of Arts and Culture Organisations active in the CEMAC region  2011 CREATE
Human Evolution: Adaptations, Dispersals and Social Developments (HEADS)  2011 UNESCO
Investigating Animal Burials Ritual, mundane and beyond 2011 Morris
Schematic Rock Art, Rain-Making and Islam in the Ethio-Sudanese Borderlands 2011 Fernandez
A 100,000-Year-Old Ochre-Processing Workshop at Blombos Cave, South Africa 2011 Henshilwood
Imbalance of World Heritage List: Did the UNESCO Strategy Work? 2011 Steiner and Frey
Power and landscape in Atlantic West Africa: Archaeological perspectives 2012 Monroe and Ogundiran
Managing Rock Art Sites 2012 Magar
Rock Art West of Dakhla: “Water Mountain” Symbols 2012 Berger
International Cultural Heritage Conference: Culture Matters 2012 2012 EU
Megalithic monumentality in Africa: from graves to stone circles at Wanar, Senegal 2012 Laporte et al
Rock art conservation and management resource kit 2012 McNeil and Taçon
Adoranten 2012: Scandinavian Society for Rock Art  2012 SSRA
Report on the 3rd African Nomination Training workshop for English speaking countries 2012 CHDA
A New Discovery of Recent Prehistory in Djibouti: the Asgoumhatian Culture 2012 Poisblaud
Managing Cultural World Heritage  2013 IUCN/ICOMOS/ICCROM
Conservation of archaeological heritage: a bibliography  2013 ICOMOS
Cultural routes management and conservation: a bibliography 2013 ICOMOS
Rock Art research in Africa 2013 Smith
Pleistocene Palaeoart of Africa 2013 Bednarik
Chongoni rock art area 2013 Smith
The Heritage Education Toolkit for heritage clubs in Uganda 2013 CCFU
World Heritage Capacity Building 2014 IUCN/ICOMOS/ICCROM
The Evolution of Heritage Management: Thinking Beyond Site Boundaries and Buffer Zones 2014 Ackerman
When Sahara was green 2014 Rossouw
Merging research, conservation and community engagement: Perspectives from TARA’s rock art community projects in Kenya 2014 Borona and Ndiema
Expression No 6 2014 UISPP-CISENP
Expression No 5  2014 UISPP-CISENP
To Be or Not to Be a Tourist: The Role of Concept-Metaphors in Tourism Studies 2014 Salazar
Technological approach to ceramics deposits in Senegambian megalithism: the example of the necropolis of Wanar (Senegal) – PPT 2014 Delvoye et al
Rediscovering Community Archaeology in Africa and Reframing its Practice 2014 Schmidt
Ethics in African Archaeology 2014 Smith
The archaeology of northern Nigeria: trade, people and polities, 1500 BP onwards 2014 Sule and Haour
Shipwrecks around the world: Revelations of the past world history from the seabed: Rescuing a Portuguese shipwreck off the coast of Namibia 2015 Chirikure and Sinamai
Mapping the Archaeology of Somaliland: Religion, Art, Script, Time, Urbanism, Trade and Empire 2015 Mire
Rock Art: a cultural treasure  at risk  2015 Agnew et al
The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology: Characters and Collections  2015 Stevenson (ed)
Transacting UNESCO World Heritage: gifts and exchanges on a global stage 2015 Meskell
Report on the implementation of the UNESCO 2015 Recommendation on Museums and Collections  2015 UNESCO
Traditional management systems at world heritage sites in Africa 2016 Abungu et al
Applied Methods for Upgrading Documentation of Immovable Heritage in Lesotho 2017 Sinamai et al
Melodies of God: Significance of the Soundscape in Conserving the Great Zimbabwe Landscape 2017 Sinamai
Myths as metaphors: understanding narratives in sustaining sacred landscapes in Zimbabwe and Australia 2017 Sinamai
Aspects of Archaeology of the 19th Century Jihad: Some Evidence from Tirwun Site near Bauchi, Nigeria  2017 Sule
Troubled Waters : developing a new approach to maritime and underwater cultural heritage in sub-Saharan Africa 2017 Sharfman
A Contribution to Heritage and Islamic Archaeology of Bauchi Region, Northern Nigeria In: West African Journal of Archaeology (WAJA), University of Ibadan Press, Vol. 47, pp.81-100. 2017 Sule
ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums  2017 ICOM
Community Engagement: What You Need to Know  2018 ArtsEngaged
Archaeomorphological Mapping: Rock Art and the Architecture of Place 2018 Delanoy et al
Permanence, Temporality and the Rhythms of Life : Exploring Significance of the Village Arena in Igbo Culture 2018 Ugwuanyi and Schofield
World Heritage for Sustainable Development in Africa 2018 Moukala and Odiaua (eds)
Awareness raising & advocacy: Learning kit for heritage civil society organisations 2018 Europa Nostra
Citizen engagement & education: Learning kit for heritage civil society organisations 2018 Europa Nostra
African Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management: Theory and Practice from Southern Africa 2018 Sinamai
Guidelines on Deaccessioning of the International Council of Museums  2019 ICOM
Values in heritage management: Emerging Approaches and Research Directions 2019 Avrami et al (eds)
Étude Comparative: L’art rupestre d’Abourma Djibouti 2019 Little
Issues in the Protection of Heritage Properties through the Nigerian Urban and Regional Planning Law: Regenerating Nigerian Cities for Sustainable Development. (2019). 2019 Onyejekwe et al
Rapport de mission d’expertise sur le site d’Abourma et ses gravures rupestres, région de Tadjourah, République de Djibouti. 2019 Little et al
Food Security, Food Sovereignty, and Indigenous Knowledge 2019 Ogundiran
Conceptual and Strategic Foundation for effective integration of Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment in Site Analysis Report and Plan. Envisioning Nigerian Cities Beyond 2020 (2020). Book of Proceedings, Pg 56 2020 Onyejekwe et al
Managing Epidemics in Ancestral Yorùbá Towns and Cities: “Sacred Groves” as Isolation Sites 2020 Ogundiran
Central Sudan  2020 Magnavita and Sule
Final Summary Report UNESCO Webinar: Opportunities, Challenges, and Best  Practices in the Development of Distance Education Resources for Museums in Eastern Africa  2020 UNESCO
Time-space politics and heritagisation in Africa: understanding where to begin decolonisation 2020 Ugwuanyi
‘We are Still Here’: African Heritage, Diversity and the Global Heritage Knowledge Templates 2020 Sinamai
A Shifting Landscape for Rock Art Funding After 2020 2020 Little
Ihé Ńkètá and Òkè: concepts and practice of indigenous cultural heritage management in the Igbo cultural area of south-eastern Nigeria 2021 Onyemechalu and Ugwuanyi
Preventive conservation training: A partnership between the UK and Myanmar 2021 Henderson et al
Heritage Ontologies in Nigeria: An Analysis of How Heritage Connects and Disconnects People 2021 Ugwuanyi et al
Report on the results of the Third Cycle of Periodic Reporting exercise in Africa (World Heritage) 2021 UNESCO
Adapting our culture: a toolkit for cultural organisations planning for a climate changed future  Patterson
Ivhu rinotsamwa: Landscape Memory and Cultural Landscapes in Zimbabwe and Tropical Africa 2022 Sinamai
The Bakor Monoliths: Preserving ancestral stones in south-eastern Nigeria  2022 Factum
Engaging Communities in Conserving the Bakor Monoliths  2022 Little
Guidance and Toolkit for Impact Assessment in a World Heritage context 2022 Court et al
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